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rTextRange rtGraphic rtHotLink rtNoteLink

add (rtContainer) Add (rtCollection) Add (rTextParagraph) Bold Caption CaptionPosition Collapse Find Font FontSize getRichTextItem Insert NoteLink PicWidth Style Typeface

Code fragment from sample "rTextRange.Insert"; see full running samples in downloadable help.
ctxDump.getRichTextItem doc, "Body"

dim typeface as string
if ses.platform = "Macintosh" then
path = strLeft(ndb.FilePath,":") + ":"' default place(?) where it stores things without path (exported to in export sample)
typeface = "Aristocrat LET"
path = Environ("TEMP")
if path<>"" then path = path + "\"' it's a W32 client
typeface = "Brush Script"
End if

Dim r As rTextRange
Dim ins As New rtGraphic(path &"flagIT.gif")
ins.picWidth=ins.picWidth *3' scale the picture
ins.Caption = "This is the Italy caption"
Set ins.Style = New rtStyle(9)
Set ins.Style.Font = New rtFontStyle(0)
ins.Style.Font.Bold = True
ins.Style.Font.FontSize = 18
ins.Style.Font.Typeface = typeface

dim hotlink as new rtHotlink(8)
dim ws as new notesuiworkspace

Set hotlink.NoteLink = new rtNoteLink(ws.currentDocument.document)
set rtp = new rTextParagraph(ws.currentDocument.document.tTitle(0))
hotlink.add rtp

set r = ctxDump.Find("text",0).Collapse(nxCollapseEnd)
r.Insert ins

'r.Insert hotlink