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The standard licencing

is per replica id, i.e. you pay once for a single database being replicated in your company irrespective of the number of users access it or servers it is located on.

Test databases, templates and backup copies that are not used to create/edit documents or render/interpret content does not need a licence.

However any one-shot jobs including data transfer or conversion need to be done using a registered database (having valid key entered). The records edited using unregistered copies may contain disclaimer.

The licence includes the rights to use the software on any of OS-es supported (Win32 Intel, MacOS/OS X, Linux Intel, AIX, Solaris SPARC)

The price:

    single database licence - EUR 99 Order
    pack of 5 licences - EUR 399 (79.8 EUR per licence) Order
    pack of 10 licences - EUR 699 (69.9 EUR per licence) Order

* private customers from EU pay also VAT; the amount varies depending on their home country.

the licence does include e-mail support to provide a best workaround to problem within reasonable limits; all the reported bugs will be given serious consideration

it includes upgrades/bugfixes within v1.x lifespan; maintenance releases will be provided as necessary depending on seriousness of issues found

other kind of licencing and support may be discussed upon request.

Payment can be done by credit card, check, cash or bank transfer.


Upon execution of the payment you will receive an email to the address you indicated upon payment with you licence number.

In order to register the replica, you need to enter a key. You will have a choice of either providing upon purchase or by mail the replica id of your database and receiving a key, or requesting a blank key - i.e. key along with corresponding replica id.

In case you have purchased a licence pack, you may request the keys as you need them or all at once.

Technically it works as follows: the About document in Help database contain a button that opens a registration form. You select a mail from your Notes mail with attached key file or select the same file from your harddrive. You can both register the database with a proper key matching its replicaid, or by generated replicaid/key pair. In latter case the registration routine will change the database replica id to the one you received together with the key.