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Table processing - dynamic table

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rtTable rtCell rtTableStyle rtColor

AltColor Collection (rtContainer) Collection (rtEnumeration) Color (rtCell) Color (rtFontstyle) Color (rtTableStyle) ColorStyle getRichTextItem LayoutStyle RowDisplay setRGB Style

Code fragment from sample "Table processing - dynamic table"; see full running samples in downloadable help.
dim table as rtTable, c as rtCell, o as variant

Dim style as rtStyle, tableBasic as rtTableStyle, rowDisplay as rtRowDisplayStyle' these are just defined for indexer to find references to the classes/methods used

call ctxDump.getRichTextItem(doc,"Body")
' get the table
Set coll = ctxDump.Collection (PARSE_GROUP_TABLE)' this parses and retrieves the tables
set table = coll.getFirstElement' we just have one table - otherwise we need to work through the collection

' set color scheme
table.LayoutStyle.ColorStyle = CDTABLE_ALTERNATINGROWS
set table.LayoutStyle.Color = new rtColor(0)
table.LayoutStyle.Color.setRGB 250,250,250
set table.LayoutStyle.AltColor = new rtColor(0)
table.LayoutStyle.AltColor.setRGB 250,0,0

' table will be displayed row by row
table.Style.RowDisplay.Viewer = CDTABLEVIEWER_ONLOADTIMER' automatic
'table.Style.RowDisplay.Viewer = CDTABLEVIEWER_ONLOADCYCLEONCE' automatic one cycle
'table.Style.RowDisplay.Viewer = CDTABLEVIEWER_ONCLICK' manual click
table.Style.RowDisplay.Transition = TRANS_BOXES_INCREMENT
table.Style.RowDisplay.Cycle = 1000 ' msec