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Sort text (horizontal bars)

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rtHRule rtColor

add (rtContainer) Add (rtCollection) Add (rTextParagraph) Bold Color (rtFontstyle) Color (rtHRule) EndInsert (rtCollection) EndInsert (rtContainer) fitToWindow FirstLineLeftMargin Font FontSize hasParagraphBreak NotesColor (rtColor) NotesColor (rtFontstyle) NotesColor (rtHRule) Paragraph RuleWidth setRGB setTab Style Typeface

Code fragment from sample "Sort text (horizontal bars)"; see full running samples in downloadable help.
Dim sort As New sorter' sorter is an internal class; its syntax and use can change. Just used to demonstrate how it could work

Dim text As String
Dim words As Variant, uniqueWords List As Integer
Dim sorted As Variant, sortedVals As Variant
Dim count As Integer, scale As Double

Dim hr As rtHRule, cnt as integer

text = doc.getFirstItem("Body").Text
words = Tokenize(text) ' this is just an internal function with limited use - not a part of the product

Forall w In words
If w<>"," Then
If Iselement(uniqueWords(Lcase(w))) Then
uniqueWords(Lcase(w)) = uniqueWords(Lcase(w)) + 1
uniqueWords(Lcase(w)) = 1
End If
End If
End Forall

sort.SortOrder=False' descending
Set style = New rtstyle(0)
Set style.Paragraph = New rtParagraphStyle (0)
style.Paragraph.setTab 0, style.Paragraph.FirstLineLeftMargin +3*ONE_CM
Set style.Font = New rtFontStyle (0)
style.Font.Bold = True
style.Paragraph.setTab 5*ONE_CM, TAB_LEFT

= 0
Forall u In uniqueWords
If u>1 Then
cnt = cnt + 1
Print "#" & cnt & " " & Listtag(u) &" (" &u &") "
Set rtp = New rTextParagraph (Listtag(u) &" (" &u &")" &Chr(9) )
Set rtp.Style = style
sort.addObjectNode rtp, u
End If
End Forall

sorted = sort.getObjectValues
sortedVals = sort.getValues

= sortedVals(0)/80


Forall rts In sorted
Set hr = New rtHRule(Cint(0.6*ONE_CM))
hr.RuleWidth = sortedVals(count) / scale
hr.RuleWidth = sortedVals(count) / scale
hr.fitToWindow=True' percentage
Set hr.Color = New rtColor(9)
hr.Color.setRGB (10000*Rnd) Mod 255, (10000*Rnd) Mod 255, (10000*Rnd) Mod 255

= count+1
rts.hasParagraphBreak = True
ctxDump.add rts
ctxDump.add hr
End Forall