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version 1.5

A number of objects contain a Label. For rtGraphic it contains Caption text, for rtSection - Title, for button - label.

Label may be either Text or formula. Some objects may have only Text label like rtButton or it can be either straight text or formula like rtSection title.

The Label is also used for a unified approach to include different special text items in total text. As a rule special text like comments, server name in Notelinks, etc. are not available for global search/replace functionality (see Find, FindNext and Replace methods of rtContainer) and must be set looping through the objects one by one.

Objects having Labels may be defined as text to be included along with the regular text:

ctx.defineLabelAsText = RT_OBJ_BUTTON + RT_OBJ_SECTION

define all button labels and section titles to be included in text search functionality. Statement:

Msgbox ctx.Text

may display something like:

Some text <<this is button label>>

<<section title>>

some text in section....

Label text is included within customizable delimiters. Default delimiter is double angle brackets -- <<label text>>. You may expect though that this symbol may be used in basic text. To change label markers use syntax:

ctx.defineLabel = "{{|}}"

will define new label delimiters - label text will be marked as - {{label text}}. You should define delimiters before retrieving rich text (using getRichText method).

The actual objects whose labels are included may be defined at any time before search and redefined afterwards.

Use property Parent to retrieve the object itself.

Style property is linked to Parent object Style property. Font property returns (sets) rtFontstyle object and links directly to parent object Style.Font and is used to display label (if visible).

When using Replace (or Find/ rTextRange.Insert) functionality of rtContainer Labels are used to synchronize text replace:

ctx.Replace ("1st line^p2nd Line<<button label>>^pthird line", "^p2nd <<new label>> line^p3rd", RT_FIND_SPECIALCHARACTERS)

For details see replace method of rTextRange.

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