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Java Applet Read and Modify Parameters

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add (rtContainer) addNewLine (rtContainer) addNewLine (rTextParagraph) appendText (rtContainer) appendText (rTextParagraph) Add (rtCollection) Add (rTextParagraph) AltText BaseClass Codebase fileRefAdd fileRefRemove files getFirstElement (rtCollection) getFirstElement (rtContainer) getRichTextItem HeightUOM objectHeight objectName objectWidth parameter parmAdd parmCount parmRemove replaceItemValue widthUOM

Code fragment from sample "Java Applet Read and Modify Parameters"; see full running samples in downloadable help.
' *
' * original applet contains corrupted signature
' * the substituted is properly signed
' *
call ctxDump.getRichTextItem(doc,"Body")

Dim rta As rtActiveObject
Set rta = ctxDump.getFirstElement( "RTACTIVEOBJECT")
If Not rta Is Nothing Then
rta.ObjectWidth = 25
rta.ObjectHeight = 10
rta.ObjectName = "Some applet name?"
rta.AltText = rta.AltText + " : New Alt"
Dim i As Integer, msg As String
With rta.parmadd
.Title = "NewParm"
.Formula = "@text(@now)"
End With
ctxDump.addNewLine 1
ctxDump.appendText rta.CodeBase
ctxDump.addNewLine 1
ctxDump.appendText rta.BaseClass

If rta.parmCount>0 Then
ctxDump.addNewLine 1
ctxDump.appendText rta.BaseClass & " * parms = " &rta.parmCount
ctxDump.addNewLine 1
For i = 1 To rta.parmCount
ctxDump.appendText rta.parameter(i).Title & " : " &rta.parameter(i).Value.Formula
ctxDump.addNewLine 1
If i = 1 Then rta.parameter(i).Formula = "@text(@Today)"
End If

rta.parmRemove rta.parmCount
rta.fileRefRemove someFile
print "remove...", rta.files(2)
rta.fileRefRemove 2 ' remove DoLittle0.class
rta.fileRefAdd "AbsoluteDummy.class"' we can add any files to the list
End If

notReplace = True
Set docDump = New Notesdocument(ndb)
docDump.Form = "Memo"
docDump.Subject = "User " &ses.commonUserName & "; sample " &tTitle & " : " &Cstr(Now)
rta.BaseClass = "PinpointApplet.class" ' switch base classes (we removed DoLittle0.class)
Call ctxDump.ReplaceItemValue(docDump, "Body") ' write applet to item

' we need to save the doc for this to work
docDump.save true, true ' create some extra documents