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rtLib is a library of classes that enable access and manipulation of Notes Rich text item content straight from LotusScript. Included classes manage most popular "user objects" like tables, sections, hotspots, images, links and text itself. It also allows to create and modify image resources.

It is handy both for Web and Notes applications. Though its primary task is to provide unique means to handle rich text, it has the HTML property that returns the object's HTML code. The classes allows to generate straight HTML without ever writing to rich text item, thus using the library in application enables easy direct HTML generation without the overhead of creating Notes Rich Text.

It also allows to perform a number of tricks frequently asked by Web developers like attaching files from Web straigth to rich text item without detaching to file, replacing default attachment icons with custom ones or calculating field offset for embedded images.

The ability to handle Rich Text is most useful for Notes client applications as a number of rich text features are not available for browser clients. At the same time ability automatically create/edit rich text is a great help also for Web enabled and Web-only applications.

A whole group of the most popular structures and their properties can be accessed through custom classes. The classes rtTable, along with rtCell, rtRow and rtColumn deals with manipulation of tables, rtSection with sections, etc.

For introduction in functionality please refer to the chapter Building and managing rich text. Information about available rich text elements and more detailed description see class reference section.

rtLib assures probably the most extensive functionality among similar tools and works in both Notes clients (Windows and Mac) as well as on servers on Linux, AIX and Win32 platforms.

What is missing that is - the processing of embedded OLE objects; there is also a limited support for embedded Domino elements like views or outlines. There are no support for rich text structures specific to database design like forms, views, fields, etc.

At the same time any directly unsupported elements present in item are preserved, can be identified and manipulated in a limited way.

rtLib provides the access to low level settings of rich text records. Most of the property names and available values are derived from and are consistent with API documentation. They are described in class documentation (see the view Classes), but as a rule all flags and discrete properties use constant names and values as defined in C API unless the flags are implemented as separate True/False properties.